Medical Health & Fitness is not just a certification company — it’s a visionary wellness company that looks at the profession of health promotion through interaction and specific research, assessments, data collection and outcomes. This wealth of documented health and wellness information is strategically presented in our programs and product’s which include:

•  Education and Certification Programs
•  Advanced level Coaching Program
•  Products that include educational DVDs, books, and healthcare distribution items
•  Custom technology including the Well STAT App for smartphone and computer
•  Medical and industry research
•  Public speaking, workshops and conferences



When Eric Durak started his career in wellness he wanted to put his talents and many passions to work. With his foundation in kinesiology, public health, and medical research, he decided that comprehensive education programs were his contribution to the profession.  His work in health, safety, and preventive medicine have all been incorporated into the latest versions of the Medhealthfit certification programs. 

Now, after more than 25 years in healthcare, research, wellness, and continuing education, Eric is still testing the limits of the wellness industry by forming new partnerships and alliances and has developed the next generation of exercise-health and wellness education tools.



Many thanks to our illustrious board of advisors, who, over the years have shared their knowledge, wisdom and insight, and by doing so have helped guide our course. They represent some of the top minds in the fields of healthcare, wellness and the health industry.  We are proud to have them on board. They include:

Julie Taguchi, MD
Medical Oncologist and author of Sex, Lies, and Menopause, and The Wiley Protocol, Santa Barbara, CA

Roger Jahnke, OMD
Is one of the earliest Oriental Medical Doctors in the US, and author of The Healer Within and T’ai Chi Lite certification program, Santa Barbara, CA

Trygue Duryea
Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chief Knowledge Officer for Retained Earnings Company and Success Rules Education, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA 

Loren Brink
Former Chairman and CEO of Health Fitness Corporation, and Lumena, SSL.  Current CEO of Healthpointe Solutions technology and healthcare company based in Austin, TX

Phil Tummarello
Former President and COO of Wellquest in New York, Phil is currently advising wellness companies in health plan contracts.  He is one of the nation's leading experts in developing wellness-based program networks for insurance companies and health plans.  Apopka, FL