Ten 20 Minutes Ab Workouts At Home with No Equipment

How many times did you include exercising or losing weight, getting tight abs into your New Year’s resolution? Too many times. We have all been there. We always choose winter to work on our body in order to be in the best shape for the summer. However, we always give up. The reason people give up easily is because they either don’t do adequate exercises, and they don’t see any progress or they don’t have time.

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The Ex Phys Chronicles - Putting Science into Todays Exercise Programs.

One of the virtues of being in my profession for so long is that I can compare the things happening today with their origins.

Today we are seeing a glut of exercise routines such as P90 X and HITT and Cross Fit Games and people think that they’re new and innovative.  Most instructors, and EVERY student who partakes in these programs really have no idea of how they came about.  

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