Future research in the area of exercise and cancer will not change the fundamental conclusion that exercise is a safe, beneficial, and quality of life intervention for the majority of cancer patients and survivors.
— Kerry Courneya, PhD - University of Alberta

Cancer Fit-CARE Program

The hallmark of our education business is the Cancer Fit-CARE program, which details the role of exercise, nutrition, mind-body medicine, and the marketing of cancer wellness programs within the wellness industry.  Cancer Fit-CARE was created in 1999, now in it's Sixth Edition, this certification program is one of the nation’s top medically-based wellness education programs. It includes the Fit-CARE manual, online education modules and CD with presentations for instructors.

From research to clinical practice, health club programs to national workshops, MedHealth Fit has promoted wellness as an integral part of the standard of care for cancer recovery. With our latest edition of Cancer Fit-CARE, and our value-added programs with Step One Health and the Cancer Fit-CARE Coaching program, we are entering into a new era in exercise for cancer care.  Our program is an independent study with online and on-site review programs.  Exam is also online – emailed direct to you.  Questions – contact us.  

Our mission is to bring cancer wellness programs to the forefront of the health and fitness industry, and with cancer treatment centers.  Standard of care = exercise and nutrition.  The new cardiac rehab.  

We know it.  So will you.  

Cancer Fit-CARE Coaching

Professionals who are interested in more client referrals and working with clients independent of a club setting should consider lifestyle interventions coaching. For instructors who wish to work one on one or in the group setting with patients outside of the club setting (via phone and skype), we offer Cancer Fit-CARE Coaching, a comprehensive supportive care program that provides a personal intervention approach to successful recovery care using exercise and nutrition. This coaching program will help those living with cancer take an active role in achieving a healthier body and strong immune system.

Cancer Fit-CARE Coaching incorporates the strength of independent lab testing through our affiliate partner – StepOne Health (steponehealth.com) and incorporates specific nutritional supplements based on lab results. It is a comprehensive approach that uses exercise, nutrition and personal intervention to increase the odds of long-term survivorship of cancer survivors.

Cancer Fit-CARE Coaching will those living with cancer take an active role in achieving a healthier body and strong immune system. Cancer survivors and those coping with
a cancer diagnosis will benefit through the Fit-CARE personal intervention program.

Who are these courses designed for?

Seasoned health and fitness professionals (fitness, oncology, therapy) who want to incorporate exercise into the cancer prevention and recovery process - in the health facility, or through the coaching process.  We believe that Cancer Fit-CARE coaching will benefit current cancer certified trainers, oncology nurses, and counselors who work with cancer survivors.

Exercise Medicine & Working Well Post Rehab Programs

The evolution of post-rehabilitative exercise marks the beginning of the integration of exercise with medicine.  Our comprehensive course — Exercise Medicine, is a thorough, well researched and documented publication that details exercise programming for over 25 medical conditions.  This course incorporates the best of strength training, exercise progression, exercise physiology, and blends them with the basics of physical assessment and laboratory testing.

Progressive exercise used in a medical situation will show improvements in blood lab values independent of medical procedures alone. According to industry leader Jason Convisor, PhD — there is not one cardiovascular illness or behavioral condition that does not benefit from a properly prescribed exercise program. Exercise Medicine allows fitness professionals to learn the elements of medicine and begin to apply exercise principles with referred patients.

Working Well

Knowing the elements of clinical exercise we also saw the need to combine a certification program that merges elements of worker’s compensation with the health and fitness industry.  Most employees who are injured on the job are referred to a worker's compensation physician, who may prescribe a drug and in some instances, refer to physical therapy. Physical fitness is rarely assessed. 

Working Well looks at the big picture and considers the entire physical well being
of an employee, not just the area of injury. The research is clear – those who are fit are more productive, have fewer accidents, have less severe accidents and in general are more productive employees. Working Well incorporates on-the-job-exercise and stretching programs that reduce the likelihood of injuries. Working Well has a direct relationship to specific reimbursement for these unique fitness programs.

The Working Well Program is geared for health professionals that would like to contract with manufacturing and labor companies to promote exercise at their facilities. Working Well also allows them to work with injured workers after their initial therapy concludes. The program spells out information regarding return to work restrictions, physician recommendations, and other aspects of job performance which exercise many play an important role. Part of the Working Well education module package are regular video updates on information from the worker's compensation field. 

Who is this course designed for?

Health and fitness professionals who are currently certified and have experience in the field.  They would like to expand their client base to more medically-based patients, and interact with physicians and physical therapists regarding workplace-injured workers who would benefit from long-term exercise programs.




As our nation ages, the home healthcare industry takes on the burden of care for our elderly.  Unfortunately, many healthcare professionals lack the basic knowledge of sound nutrition, ergonomics, movement and fitness programming for specific populations. These include cancer in the elderly, diabetes and even “brain fitness,” (memory and decision making) all of which benefit from movement and exercise. Wellness@Home is the only wellness program for the home care industry, and has been since 2007. 

Who is this course designed for?

Wellness @ Home is specifically designed for professionals who work as home healthcare aids, or health professionals who work with senior clients in the home care setting.

Our program includes the Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit DVD – a 24 minute relaxation and body weight movement training program that will guide seniors with little or no exercise experience to perform basic movements from a chair, balance points and stretches. It is a great first-step introduction to the benefits of exercise.



            Bike Safe

As more people are choosing to ride their bikes — to work, school and around town, there is an increased risk for accidents. Bicycling as a mode of transportation — from purchase through the life span of the bike, safety needs to be brought to the forefront. Bike Safe is a consumer course that will lay the foundation for safe biking for all cyclist — from young to old.  With almost 18 million bikes sold in the U.S. each year and a 40% increase in commuting by bike, there is a need to have safety information available to learn the rules of the road. This course is perfect for students of all ages and employees of businesses and institutions that encourage biking to work or offer “commuter bikes” to get around a large work campus. 

After completing a short online exam, students will receive a certificate of completion. This program (similar to CPR or safe driving courses) teaches cyclists how to bicycle safely.  For kids — it helps reinforce the notion that a bicycle is more than a toy — it's their first mode of transportation.