Welcome to the Medhealthfit corporate wellness programs.  It started over 30 years when we worked with corporate clients at the famed Sports Training Institute in New York.  From there we went on to work with medical clients, and with some of the largest employer groups in the US.  It has given us insight as to the health needs of workers, and people dealing with health conditions.   Now we have the opportunity to work with top healthcare companies such as Meridian Health Services Network to affect change in their clientele through wellness.

Exercise vs. stress reduction, nutrition vs. break time.   Office stretching vs. union contracts.  We are entering a new era of employee wellness, and one of the more pressing issues is education on prevention, cost savings, and self care. 

These pages will give employers the basics on self-care with a number of different health conditions – all of which can be affected, prevented or lessened with a proper health program.  


What We Offer

Our corporate wellness programs offer a unique approach to employee health.  With many years in both developing corporate programs, training staff, and actually working with them in field and safety programs, we look at wellness as the single most important factor in preventing costly illnesses and injuries for your company.


How we get you to think differently? 

Our programs feature the following aspects of company health and safety that many agencies don’t address:

·      Content that is directly related to your business or operations

·      Videos that give you the basics and foundation of your condition and how to improve it

·      Information from our experts on how nutrition, exercise, and safety all work together to make a better employee and work environment

·      Products that will help you achieve a higher level of health


Our assessments are easy

Ask any employee or manager about the times they have had to fill out their health risk assessment.  It’s like taking a college entrance exam.  We have solved that issue – we’ve partnered with Survey Monkey – one of the oldest and respected assessment sites on the web to deliver quick and essential pre and post surveys for you as you begin your program, and after you’ve been at it a while.  It gives us the data we need to track progress and success for you and your company. 


Your individual program

Our video content not only teaches you job safety skills, but it allows you to better manage and improve your individual health issues that may be affecting your job performance.  If you understand your health condition, and can work towards better health – you work more efficiently.


Coaching Programs

You can watch online programs – but if you want more specific and concentrated programs, you can sign up for individual and small group coaching programs via phone or Skype.  Our coaching programs help to refine goals, track progress, and allow us to follow up with you and your company wellness program.  Working with Eric – with over 30 years in wellness, and an athletic coach as well, will be your method to improving health, controlling your costs, and developing an outcomes approach to your company’s wellness programs.


Our Products

We are proud to partner with some of the best wellness companies in the country.  These companies will offer discounts on their brands through our corporate wellness program.  Using them is the best way to enhance your personal health experience, and improve your workday. 


Laboratory and Assessments

Step One Health blood labswww.steponehealth.com  Step One Health brings blood labs to consumers.  By clicking on their community, you are in charge of your own health program – from complete blood counts to genomic profiles.  Their start up package starts at $139.00. 


Fitness and Exercise

Our partner for home strength equipment is the Gym in a Bag.  Featured in a recent research report in the Journal of Exercise Medicine, the home gym features both upper and lower body with graded resistance bands.  Using “grip free” technology allows those with arthritis, neurological disorders, and poor grip strength to perform a wide variety of exercises in the home setting.  For more information, visit www.flexolate.com.   The Gym in a Bag is on sale for MHF clients for $89.95


Self Care

Essential Oils – our partner for essential oils is a local distributor of doTerra products.  One of the leading essential oil companies in the US, do Terra provides a wide variety of oils for skin care, general wellness, and health recovery.  Also - because they smell good.  Medhealthfit is involved with essential oils because we feel that they are in the process of becoming a very important process in self care in the coming years.  Essential oils will be the new perfume - enhancing skin while providing wonderful fragrances for internal environments (home, work), and direct on the skin.  For more information regarding our current line of do Terra oils, visit www.mydoterra.com/medhealthfit

Muse Relaxation Program is one of the most amazing self-care products to come on the market.  The headphone set synchs with your smart phone or android and not only sends great music and relaxation sounds into your head – it actually measures alpha waves so you can see your progress.  A great tool at a great price.  Visit:  http://www.choosemuse.com/  Muse headphones and technology is a great value at $214.00


Making peace with food.  Our nutrition advisor is the master of helping clients eat well, and enjoy the process.  Stop dieting, and learn more about how food can help you become as healthy as you can be.  Karma Chow has a transformational program including recipes, educational videos, and on-site programs.  For information:  www.karmachow.com.   Melissa has packages that include speaking / books / CDs / and great menus – many for free. 

For our busy executives and those who work on the road, we offer some of the best nutrition supplements in the industry.  Purium Nutrition has been around for many years, provides organic products, and has set the standard for products that speak to our changing health status.  They are considered a “medical food” company.  We recommend the Super Green Power Shake(regular or Berry flavor) for getting your nutrients in a shake format.  We bundle Purium with many of our health modules.  www.puriumcorp.com

Protein supplements have been around since the 1950s.  Most in powders.  However – protein powders only digest at around 17-20%, meaning most is excreted.  The MAPS amino acid tablets are organic vegetable supplements that have a net Nitrogen utilization of over 99%.  They are most biologically active protein supplement in history.  They also have close to zero calories – meaning they’re great for weight management programs.  You can order MAPS directly through the medhealthfit.com web site. 

Personal Assessments

Instead of the basic health risk assessment – we want to glean information about your staff relating to specific conditions, and goals.  So we’re partnering with Survey Monkey to ask only a few basic questions about each condition – and have the right amount of data to make our decisions about health programs.  www.surveymonkey.com   Take as many surveys as you need for free. 


Our YouTube Channel offers briefs on health topics relating to our corporate clientele.  From self-care to diabetes care – we’ll offer free education programs that allows for improving health at the office.  For more information on our free video collection, visit:  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=medhealthfit

All of our current videos are located both on You Tube, and the Reach Out 365 portal in cooperation with the Energized Approach.  These videos cover topics from metabolic health (diabetes care, cancer prevention, hypertension control) to orthopedic wellness (foot care / plantar faciitis care, back pain prevention) to behavioral health (depression, memory enhancement), to health care issues to leadership enhancement.  We also have programs on energy and integrative medicine, and nutrition and meal planning.  For more information regarding our corporate health partner - contact us.