Understanding blood labs and their importance to the Wellness specialist.

Understanding blood labs and their importance to the Wellness specialist.

Who is this program designed for?

Health and fitness professionals who want to grow their wellness business through the MedHealthFit comprehensive certification programs, lab testing and result driven exercise and nutrition guidance. The Blood Lab Wellness Specialist program will benefit current special population trainers, fitness trainers, health and wellness professionals, nutritionists, and coaches.

The Blood Lab Wellness Specialist program is a CEU course that can further your career.

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One of the fastest growth areas of the health industry is patient-centered blood labs.

Now Available to Health & Wellness Pros

More than 80% of all medical decisions are based on blood
lab results. Companies outside the traditional medical circle
now offer online access to Health-blood Labs — and they do
not require a physician referral.
MedHealthFit has partnered with StepOne Health, to make Health-blood Labs available to health coaches, fitness trainers and allied health professionals. We are working with a number of organizations to expand this highly informative aspect of modern health and fitness care.

The ability to acquire a self-referred blood Lab is a huge step forward for patient-centered exercise programming, diet and nutrition planning and the ability to accurately track the results. It's a true evidence-based program.

Health, wellness and fitness professionals are required to understand blood Lab test results. Armed with the specific test results, this unique knowledge is power! The power to create a custom, result-driven program for each patient-client.

In 2016, Medical Health & Fitness introduced the Blood Lab Wellness Specialist Certification Course to help those in the health, wellness and fitness world learn to read and understand blood Lab specifics. This certification program breaks down:

  • General and specific blood lab tests (chem panels,
    CBC tests, hormone panels, lipid profiles)

  • Tests for medical conditions and sports performance markers

  • Information on vitamins and mineral levels and ties these test results with overall health status

  • Blood lab reports — learn what the "ranges" mean to the individual tested and compare with the national average

  • The referral fee — health professionals who work with MHF and StepOne Health receive blood lab referral commissions.