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Advanced Wellness Education Programs & Products for 
Fitness & Healthcare Professionals

There is a fundamental-shift taking place in healthcare and personal wellness and we’re happy to say that MedHealth Fit is at the forefront of this change. Our job is to make exercise an integral part of prevention, recovery and longevity treatment. We are working with the fitness industry's leading companies to bring exercise to the forefront of healthcare and give fitness and healthcare professionals an opportunity to take the lead in all facets of wellness — from preventative care to injury recovery, quality of life, and longevity. After 20 years in business, our health and wellness programs, products and services are some of the best available to wellness and healthcare professionals — to take there business to the next level.

MedHealth Fit is proud of the established relationships we have formed with healthcare companies who are actively changing the current paradigm of traditional medicine to one of health education, self care and more health services and product choices.

Certification Programs

Certification programs are the flagship publications of MedHealthFit and cater to individual fitness trainers, wellness and fitness professionals, post rehab and healthcare professionals — all who can expand their service offerings through certification.

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Wellness Products

Our products can improve outcomes for special needs clients. Products include:

• Instructional CDs and DVDs
• Online Education &
  Certification Series
• Step One Health Lab Panels

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Our Medical Fitness     Network Partnership

We have a partnership with the Medical Fitness Network to "bundle" our certification programs along with a one year MFN membership. 

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