Healthy Mind, Body Spirit Exercise DVD

Designed to provide the most basic introductory home workout for seniors, Healthy Mind, Body Spirit is just what the doctor (and trainer) ordered in terms of an “every day” movement workout that will improve joint mobility, general posture, and muscle tone.  Featuring health coach Mark Stringer, this DVD is a MUST for the senior who has little exercise experience, but who wants to get started in exercise.  it's also a great value-added for the trainer and coach who would like to have their clients learn the basics of exercise and movement patterns on their own.  Click here to order. 



Exercise and Gestational Diabetes DVD

New for 2014, this DVD covers the most important area of supplementary health promotion for any woman who is at risk for — or who has been diagnosed with, gestational diabetes. Our video is part instruction and part hands-on demonstration — relating various exercise modalities for the perfect workout.  Click here for more information and to order.            

Gerri's Menu plans (Name?)

One of the most important lectures given at the recent Medical Wellness Forum theme was on medical nutrition. Often overlooked, medical nutrition is a key component to good health. This DVD explains how our diet may improve our medical condition and what is going on with the state of nutrition in the U.S. agri-business, GMOs and the organic food movement. Understanding medical nutrition is essential for any health professional who needs an overview of the present nutrition system. Click here for more information and to order.

Exercise & Diabetes - A Fit Kids Perspective CD

             Can exercise and sports stem the tide of obesity and type 2 diabetes diagnosis in                        kids?  The Fit Kids exercise and diabetes book on CD answers basic questions                            about the general benefits, how to design programs and steer kids into sports                      that will help them maintain fitness and reduce their odds of developing diabetes.                              Click here for more information and to order.

The Fitness and Healthcare Reimbursement Guide

              Our best selling book for almost 20 years!  The current edition asks the question                         "does the Affordable Care Act offer any wellness benefits?"  Learn the answers                    to this and other issues regarding exercise programs in the current health care                             system.  Click here for more information and to order.