Announcing our 2016 Seminar / Workshop Series

With our new education programs launched this year, we’re proud to announce our Seminar Series.  Our latest program is the Blood Lab Wellness Specialist – a CEU course that details the many benefits of referring clients to blood labs, and having outcomes data for wellness programs.  This program is one of the most important concepts to come to sports medicine in a long time.  Our blood lab program is sponsored by StepOne Health in Palo Alto, CA.

The Cancer Fit-CARE program is still our signature series, and our updated program gives the outcomes-based information on strength training, movement, and healing necessary to take cancer survivors to long-term thriver status. 

Lastly – we’re offering our new Well-STAT outcomes app for app for patients and clients for attendees.  Well-STAT gives the quickest way to detail exercise and nutrition information for diabetes, cancer, weight management, and hypertension patients. 

Our workshop programs are informative, informal, and entertaining.  You will learn the best from clinical exercise, research, and outcomes related to wellness and nutrition programs all in one review program.

Our Medical Health and Fitness Seminar Series Dates:

May 21 – Alexandria, VA - Urban Bodyworks

July 30 – Detroit, MI -  TBD

Sept. 17 – Denver Metro area CO – Medwell Center

Nov. 12 – Orlando, FL – MFA conference

January 21 – Houston/Sugarland, TX – MWA program