There is a fundamental-shift taking place in healthcare and personal wellness and we’re happy to say that MedHealth Fit is at the forefront of this change. Our job is to make exercise an integral part of prevention, recovery and longevity treatment. We are working with the fitness industry's leading companies to bring exercise to the forefront of healthcare and give fitness professionals an opportunity to take the lead in all facets of wellness — from preventative care to injury recovery, and quality of life.

MedHealth Fit is proud of the relationships we have established with healthcare companies who are moving forward to change the current paradigm of traditional medicine to one of health education, self care, and more choices for health services and products.  We're celebrating 20 years in business with a new look, and a new outlook.  We look forward to working with you.

Exercise is the ONE therapy that can improve the quality of life in almost all patients. It should be prescribed by every physician.

Our core programs and products include:

These Certification Programs are the flagship publications of MedHealthFit and cater to individual fitness trainers, wellness/fitness facilities, post rehab and healthcare professionals — all can expand their services through implementation of these certification programs:

> Cancer Fit-CARE (since 1999) and the NEW Cancer Fit-CARE Coaching Program. Combined, these special population certification programs will open new horizons to personal trainers and cancer care professionals through the use of specific therapies and other recovery modalities that improve patient outcomes through personal wellness. 

> Exercise Medicine post rehab program in combination with Working Well, introduces post rehab recovery exercise for injured staff as part of worker's compensation programs. 

> Wellness @Home is a health certification program created for those professionals involved with the home care industry. Wellness @Home is specifically geared toward elder care, including cancer, ergonomics, diabetes, brain health, and  Wellness @Home illustrates easy and effective strength and flexibility movements that can be performed in the comfort of a home-setting. 

Bike Safe Program introduces fitness and safety education for or levels of bikers, from elementary school kids to bike retailers, even bike safety organizations can learn from this program. 

New Educational Products Introduced in 2013 include :

> Wellness DVDs:  Exercise & GDM

> MedHealth Fit Online Education & Certification Series 

> OneFitness Medical Lab Panels and Nutrition Supplement guidance specifically designed to improve medical condition.

> WellSTATS App for use on smartphones, tablets and computers — WellSTATS will simplify the business of health and wellness outcomes data management for Trainers — and improve outcomes for the client/patient. The WellSTATS App can manage the health information for one client/patient or thousands of patients as part of a clinical trial.